Automobile 2005-2020: What car for tomorrow?

A new prospective study ADIT has just appeared!

This report is the fruit of a series of interviews carried out during 2004 with dozens of specialists in the automotive sector, both in research and in industry.

It represents an “instant” photograph of the problems facing the automobile today and the solutions that it is possible to envisage by 2020. Why this horizon? At the dawn of this new decade, the proven oil reserves will have decreased considerably, and in even greater proportions due to the economic boom of certain countries, such as China and India, which is brought to increase.

Each of the major themes addressed (motorization, materials, electronics, security, tires) is accompanied by an exhaustive directory of the main R&D centers, both in Europe and in America and Asia, as well as many useful contacts to deepen the subject. .

To find out more and to order this document (96 color pages, price: 185 euros including VAT - 5,5% VAT), log on to:

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