Broken prices and low cost. Economic blessing or danger?

Low Cost: aided by considerable technological progress over the past two centuries, economic strategies have been guided by insatiable "capitalist" challenges, always more demanding in terms of profits and always justified by the intervention of the invisible hand (1) "supposed to optimize for the greater number the result of choice responding to […]

The stakes of a new development model

After several centuries when science, the model of economic development and the technological developments which resulted from it have enchanted and made dream the world, at least the Western world, here is that a thousand pitfalls have arisen so that these "progress" have become questionable, subjects with caution, because of their serious impact with irreversible consequences […]

Thesis on the wet combustion and performance by Rémi Guillet

Wet combustion and its performances 232 pages in .pdf Thesis presented in view of obtaining the title of Doctor of the University Henri Poincaré, Nancy 1 in Mechanical Science and Energy. By Rémi GUILLET. Keywords: wet combustion / combustion / humidity / hygrometry / environment / efficiency / energy / thermal process / nitrogen oxides […]