Ivermectin, an effective treatment against Covid-19, will it suffer the same fate as hydroxychloroquine?

Hydroxychloroquine, the basis of the treatment of Professor Didier Raoult, which gives results for early cases of Covid-19, suffers the wrath of the "competent" authorities and a massive discrediting campaign on the internet, in the media and via "highs" scientific studies (some of which were quickly shown to be fraudulent). Hydroxychloroquine continues to unleash passions […]

Solar LED luminaire: the even more economical alternative to LED lighting

It is not so much the unique performances that it offers, but the need to reduce its ecological footprint and its energy bill, which motivates the switch to LED lighting. And for good reason ! Between its foolproof durability, its excellent light output, and its electrical expenditure 20 times lower than that of traditional lamps, […]