solar battery

How to choose a solar battery for your photovoltaic installation in 2022?

After having approached the installation of photovoltaic panels, it seems logical to us to cover the subject of batteries, essential for the realization of an autonomous solar installation or to increase its solar self-consumption. Indeed, if you have opted for an off-grid installation therefore not connected to the electricity grid, the electricity produced by your solar panels will have to […]


Install photovoltaic panels in 2022? An interesting solution towards energy independence

The transition to solar energy production in France should accelerate for companies and public buildings thanks to the solar plan in 2022. This energy production involves the installation of photovoltaic panels allowing the production of solar electric energy carbon-free. But what about individuals? With the collapse of solar photovoltaic prices, divided by […]

cork insulation

All you need to know about insulation from the outside: specificities, advantages and disadvantages?

Today is the first day of winter 2021, an ideal date to talk about thermal insulation and thermal comfort. Indeed; following the recent sharp increases in energy prices, insulating your home is more than ever an effective solution for saving money and preserving the environment and resources. There are several solutions for this and […]

tiger mosquito

Western Blot, a reliable diagnostic tool for vector-borne diseases? What role against COVID-19?

With the intensifying global warming, many areas in our lives find themselves turned upside down. This is also the case for the health sector… unfortunately. There is of course an increase in pathologies directly linked to high heat (cardiac and respiratory diseases in particular) and those linked to population movements (viral diseases). But of […]