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Auto insurance: how to get insurance in an emergency?

THEprovident insurance auto offers safety and peace of mind to drivers. Thus, in the event of an accident, you will not be the only one to bear the costs. Your insurer covers part, to reduce expenses. They even include a breakdown number, for complete service. Of course, the subscription will be done according to a certain number of steps. Are you the proud beneficiary of a new electric car and can't wait to pick it up at the dealership? Above all, you need to insure it! Do not waste time, thanks to solutions to reduce the wait and the long procedures.

Take out your auto insurance contract online

Online subscription is the best alternative if you want to avoid travel to an insurance firm. This option even allows you to find auto insurance without immediate payment, and therefore without having to pay your contributions upstream.

The service is accessible 24 hours a day, 24 days a week. You can therefore finalize your contract at any time. If you need additional information, the callback option allows you to be contacted by an advisor.

You must use a dedicated space to send your information and supporting documents to the agency. The contract will be activated immediately, in less than 24 hours. The insurer will send you a confirmation and the green card by email.

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Managing the contract is just as simple: you will have a personal space where you can communicate with a dedicated advisor.

Another advantage of online insurance is that the offers are usually less expensive. Indeed, the operating cost is reduced for this type of agency, devoid of physical networks. They thus have the possibility of lowering their prices. And then let's see the good side of things for the eco-friend who sleeps in you: no trip to an agency, it's less CO2 released into the air! It seems nothing, but as they say, small streams make big rivers ...

Opt for temporary auto insurance

It can provide you with coverage for up to from one day to three months to the maximum. This is flexible according to your needs and the conditions imposed by the insurer. Most term insurance contracts only include the compulsory guarantee, which is the public liability. However, some companies agree to add additional guarantees at an additional cost.

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The subscription procedures are identical to those for a classic annual contract. However, plan a higher price. Indeed, in the eyes of the insurer, the risk is greater by taking charge of a driver that he does not necessarily know, and for a limited period of time. He therefore applies a more expensive insurance premium as a result.

That said, term insurance can be a solution in many situations. This is for example the case for a vehicle that you occasionally use, that you put up for sale or that you have to move within the framework of a technical control.

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Use an insurance broker

A broker knows the market and can find you an offer that meets your needs quickly. He will inquire and compare the offers available for you. This assures you a time saving and peace of mind during subscription.

This professional work freelance. He therefore has no connection with insurance companies. Its sole objective will therefore be to find the offer that will protect you at the best price and as soon as possible. In addition to saving time, working with him therefore guarantees you real savings.

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If you want to be insured quickly, without wasting time in research while having the guarantee of pay at the right price the assurance of your hybrid or electric car, this is the best option!

Request help from BTC

Have you had a string of refusals from insurance companies? Yet do you have to use your vehicle? So you need insurance urgently? Enlist the help of Central Pricing Office, or BTC.

The latter can impose on an insurance company to cover you with the compulsory guarantee. It will also fix the amount of the contribution.

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