The Assembly suffocates the small wind

Text excerpt:

"The first part of the Legislative Legislative Series ends with the National Assembly. Last night, the members of Parliament voted an amendment to the energy law. Henceforth, the benefit of EDF's electricity purchase obligation is reserved for wind farms with a power of not less than 12 megawatts (MW), as was the case so far, but "More than 20 megawatts provided they are located in areas of wind development identified by the prefect" (1). An amendment that, according to the three UMP members at the origin of the text, should help take off from wind power in France. For industry in the sector, it would be the end of wind energy in France. The PS, the PC and the Greens voted against, as well as three UDF deputies and four UMPs. But the text has been adopted by 68 votes against 29 ... "

Comment: France was in the tail end of renewable energy. The bad student persists and signs.

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