The Arctic is melting ... and that worries the Senate

At a recent meeting of the Arctic Council, it was found
that, in connection with a significant increase in temperatures
winter (near 4ºC for Alaska, western Canada and eastern
Russia), the thawing of the Arctic is very pronounced. It is so
now feared by scientists that the continuation of the phenomenon
does not lead to the rupture of oil pipelines in the Arctic zone. According to
scientists (, the loss of
area of ​​the frozen area would be a million square kilometers
from 1974, 15 to 20% of the area concerned or area
Texas and Arizona combined. If the trend were to continue
in the next few years the ice cap could disappear
before the end of this century. Reacting to this report by scientists, the
Sen. John McCain was terribly disappointed with the position
of the White House on the question of change
climate change and its inaction despite the accumulation of data
scientists. He accordingly organized a hearing of the Senate
on this issue the November 16, as president of the
Committee on Trade, Science and Transport. It will be
the last hearing of this type that he will convene, being called upon to
give way to Senator Ted Stevens of Alaska.

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