Call for tenders for 10 biomass plants

Portugal will launch a call for tenders on Thursday for the construction of a dozen power plants using biomass for a total of 100 megawatts, a source close to the file said on Tuesday, quoted by the Lusa press agency. .

The production of electricity from organic materials of plant origin, the price of which has been set at 1,05 euro megawatt-hour, will be limited to 10 megawatts per unit, the same source said.

The objective of the Portuguese authorities is to produce in 2010, some 150 megawatts of electricity from biomass.
Portugal, which intends to exploit all its renewable energy sources to reduce its dependence on oil and its CO2 emissions, has planned to invest 2,5 billion euros in the coming years.

With 58% of electricity produced from oil, it is one of the European Union states that are the most dependent on fossil fuels and the most polluting.


Econology note: the price of € 1,05 per Mwh seems wrong. In fact, whether it concerns the cost of production or the feed-in tariff for this green electricity, this figure is very low (0,105 c € / kWh).

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Indeed; given that the nuclear kWh, is one of the cheapest in the world and costs 2,8 c € / kWh ( calculations here), and on the other hand, the “green” wind kWh is bought back for 5 to 8 c € the figure of 0,105 c € / kWh seems ridiculous ...

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