Annexes to the report on the Pantone motor

Some of the measurements made during the PFE Christophe Martz.

The analyzes of these figures are available in his end of study report on this page.

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1) Questioning and tests performed.

Annexe_F1: Questioning and testing of the Pantone process.

Annexe_F1_1: Questioning and testing of the Pantone process.

Annexe_F1_2: Questioning and testing of the Pantone process.

2) Test campaign: Carburetor and carburetor with reactor for the exhaust pipe.

Annex_F2: Carburetor operation test campaign.

3) Test campaign: Pantone operation.

Annex_F3: Pantone operation test campaign.

Annexe_F3_1: Pantone operation test campaign.

4) in comparison clearance.

Annexe_F4: Comparatives operation between origin and Pantone.

5) Evaluation of heating temperatures.

Annex: Measuring temperature heated by the steel coloring
Appendix: Evaluation of heating temperatures by coloring of steel.

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