combustion analysis for wood and biomass boilers

combustion tests on 5 biomass boilers. Alain Moulart, trainer FOREM.

Conference support for the 4th Biomass meeting “What resources for the biofuels of tomorrow” organized by Valbiom.

The tests cover the following boilers:

1. pellet boiler burner 30 kw: sensors control (flashback, home pressure, photocell, door contact)

2. pellet boiler burner 20 kw: electronic control operation on the burner

3. Boiler fireplace 5-15 kw volcano operational management and fully automated security

4. Automatic poly-fuel boiler 25 kw: feed screw directly into the home; integrated silo

5. boiler-stove 20,4 kw: gravity feed

More: pellet combustion

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