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An office space that helps employees maintain emotional balance. How to compose it?

At a time when the pace of life is getting faster and the pressure to perform is increasing, it becomes extremely important to ensure the health and satisfaction of employees. Yet most employers overlook one of the key elements that influence their employees' emotions – the workspace. They often forget that a properly designed and equipped workplace can provide a solid foundation for the well-being of the team, positively influencing its emotions and therefore its effectiveness. Read the article and find out how to create an office space that not only provides physical comfort, but also helps employees stay emotionally balanced.

Noise in an open-plan office can lead to emotional imbalance

Open plan offices, which at first glance seem to encourage the creative exchange of ideas and spontaneous interaction between employees, represent a popular solution in many companies. However, this organization of space often has a negative impact on emotional balance. Constant and uncontrolled noise pollution – from co-worker conversations to ringing phones to computer noise – can lead to excessive stress and fatigue. Also, the lack of privacy caused by the constant feeling of being watched creates feelings of anxiety. Prolonged exposure to these factors can upset emotional balance, leading to lower productivity, increased absenteeism, and even more serious health issues.. When creating an office space, special attention should therefore be paid to acoustic aspects and the possibility of ensuring privacy.

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Difficulties working quietly in an open space

Employees with other personality types differ in how they manage their emotions in difficult and stressful situations. We meet people who are naturally calm and level-headed and others who are very emotional, so it can be hard to work quietly in an open space office. Despite the availability of various noise canceling technologies, human conversations and sounds from electronic devices often disrupt concentration, leading to frustration, fatigue and stress. Hushoffice acoustic booths are an interesting solution to introduce in open-plan offices. These removable pieces are ideal for people who need a place to focus, perform tasks in silence, or calm their emotions after a difficult conversation with a client, boss, or co-worker.

Personal space in open plan offices

hushHybrid acoustic office cubicles are a modern approach to personal space. They offer an individual and isolated workplace, offering optimal conditions for concentration and avoiding the distractions characteristic of an open-plan office. Equipped with an ergonomic workstation, adjustable lighting and a ventilation system, they create a space adapted to your preferences and allow you to comfortably perform tasks such as video chatting, computer work and online business negotiations. Acoustic booths, thanks to their sound absorbing properties, not only improve working comfort, but also contribute to the general ambience of the office. They allow employees to temporarily detach themselves from the noise and bustle, giving them the opportunity to work in peace and concentration. This is extremely important for maintaining mental health and emotional stability.

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Work the way you want – complete tasks in comfort

Responsibilities can have a negative impact on employees' emotions, not only in stressful situations when something is not going their way, but also when they are uncomfortable. Irritation often occurs when the conditions for carrying out more difficult tasks are unfavourable, for example by too much noise, too much darkness, too much cold or too much heat. Thanks to the individually adjustable ventilation and powerful lighting of the acoustic cabin hushMeet, you can work the way you want. Padding and double glazing with acoustic film effectively absorb sound. By changing your environment and improving your focus, you can increase your productivity while reducing stress and improving your well-being. This flexibility translates into emotional balance at work.

Relaxation and problem solving zone

In the whirlwind of daily tasks, deadlines, and client meetings, employees forget to relax effectively. Without a regular 60-90 minute rest, maintaining high performance and good results can sometimes be stressful and emotionally draining. Breaks are essential for maintaining analytical and cognitive skills and creativity. Without them, work becomes slower and less efficient, leading to frustration and increased stress. In this context, the hushMeet acoustic cabins for several people, equipped with comfortable sofas, form an ideal place to relax, but also to solve problems. Even a quarter of an hour spent in peace can have a positive effect. A casual conversation with other people or a moment of relaxation surprisingly improves the efficiency of meetings or provides a quick solution to a problem. Emotions often distort reality. It is therefore better to ask for the support of your superiors or colleagues than to get upset and feel frustrated at work.

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