Alaska: US Senate votes oil drilling authorization

The strong energy dependence of the United States and the continuing rise in the price of oil have led the US administration to open protected areas since 20 years in Alaska. The ecological impact of such a decision, denounced for several years by environmental organizations, is nevertheless known: erosion of biodiversity, global warming and damage to the survival of the populations living in this region.

In Alaska, the opening of protected areas to oil drilling continues. President Bush estimates that 10 billion barrels can be extracted from the Arctic National Wildlife Zone, and, he says, "has almost no impact on the environment and wildlife." In addition to the environmental aspect, the Democratic senators - who voted against the text - denounced the economic absurdity of these new drilling. John Kerry has stated that "this measure would have no effect on the long-term energy supply of the country," while Democratic Senator Richard Durbin estimated the potential oil production at only 2,5% of US energy needs. United.

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