Al Gore presents his film on global warming to parliamentarians and celebrities

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Former US Vice President Al Gore on Wednesday presented his documentary on global warming, "An inconvenient truth", in front of an audience featuring members of Congress and Queen Noor of Jordan.

"This film can send a message to as many people as possible in the shortest possible time," said Al Gore when he presented his documentary to the National Geographic Society.
Al Gore's film claims to show that global warming is imminent, and could have catastrophic consequences.
Harry Reid, leader of the Democratic minority in the Senate, took the opportunity to ensure that the administration made many mistakes, but "nothing is comparable to his ignorance of the death of our planet."

Queen Noor of Jordan, the widow of US-born King Hussein, told the Associated Press that the film was important because it was "objective, non-partisan".

This premiere took place the day after the screening of the film in Los Angeles, where a green carpet, in place of the traditional red carpet, had been rolled out to host an audience of artists, including actors Sharon Stone or David Duchovny, or Olympic snowboard champion Shaun White.



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