Plant VS Animal Protein: Health, Nutrition and Environment

Animal and plant proteins - Nutritional powers and environmental issues Proteins are water-soluble macromolecules used in the constitution of any organic tissue (bone, muscle ... etc.). They physiologically ensure the functions of hormones, enzymes, antibodies. If the proteins exist in innumerable forms, all of them consist only of a molecular assembly of 22 amino acids called proteinigenic. [...]


Phenoculture, the "official" name of the hay mulch permaculture technique developed for econology

Initiated in the spring 2014 on forums of the site, Didier Helmstetter's technique of "permaculture" for hay mulch is experiencing a growing success both in terms of productivity and popularity, many gardeners are testing the technique at 4 corners of the La France! As a reminder, this [...]

Wolvendael Magazine: The Kitchen Garden Lazy, better than permaculture, Didier Helmstetter

The 621 issue of 2016's September issue of Wolvendael Magazine devotes an article from 2 to the Lazy Potager's technique. This article was written by Stève Polus (former editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Le Soir") and it is the very first article of written press on the improved permaculture technique initiated and [...]

Le Potager du Lazy, fruits and vegetables in August 2016

Le Potager du Paresseux, report for August 2016 by Didier Helmstetter (alias Did67) Caption for the introductory photo: “Didier, in front of his big cabbages! "Le Potager du Paresseux" is a way of producing vegetables "more than organic" (ie without any treatment or fertilizer, neither organic nor, of course, chemical) without getting tired, […]

Beak farm Hellouin

INRA: economic study of permaculture

INRA published a four-year study on the economic viability of organic permaculture. This study entitled "Permacultural organic market gardening and economic performance" shows that permaculture can be quite competitive economically compared to conventional intensive agriculture. The study was carried out on a fairly small area of ​​1000m², ie […]

Virtual video tour of the vegetable garden of the sluggard

Le Potager du Sloth, virtual tour in video (s) by Didier Helmstetter (aka Did67) Legend of the introductory photo: "Didier, the lazy gardener, in the middle of gardening! The "Lazy Potager" is a way of producing vegetables "more than organic" (ie without any treatment products or fertilizers, neither biological nor, of course, chemical) [...]

Le Potager du Sloth: origin, objectives and principles Video

Le Potager du Sloth, video presentation by Didier Helmstetter (aka Did67): its origin, its objectives and principles ... Legend of the introductory photo: "The owner of the Potager du Sloth surprised at work ... explanation! The "Lazy Potager" is a way to produce vegetables "more than organic", in abundance, without any work of the [...]

The vegetable lazy

La Potager du Sloth: produce vegetables "more than organic" almost without work!

La Potager du Sloth, produce vegetables "more than organic", almost without work, with yields equivalent to those of a classical garden: a dream? Not in the "Lazy Potager"! DR photos: Didier Helmstetter. Introductory photo "Lazy Potager in Action, its motto: less active ingredients; no more gray matter! In what he [...]

GM and dioxins: The World According to Monsanto. A shocking documentary tonight on Arte Thema

Documentary by Marie-Monique Robin (France, 2007, 1h48mn) Coproduction: ARTE France, Image and Company, Thalie Productions, National Film Board of Canada, WDR "I have never seen a society that has such a decisive influence a level as high on the governmental authorities in charge of the regulation as Monsanto with its GMOs. »[...]

Download: Integrated Agriculture and biodiversity, impacts and policy measures

Integrated Agriculture and Biodiversity: Policy Impacts and Measures Pan-European Biological and Landscape Diversity Strategy High-level Pan-European Conference on Agriculture and Biodiversity to Integrate Biological and Landscape Diversity for Sustainable Agriculture. Download the file (a subscription to the Newsletter may be required): Integrated Agriculture and Biodiversity, [...]

Download: Agriculture, energy balance of agricultural crops and oil equivalent

Synthesis on the energy and oil needs of agriculture. It is a synthesis that takes into account all the needs of an agricultural activity: the results are quite staggering, in some cases we exceed the equivalent 800L oil per hectare cultivated. Knowing this, "conventional" agro-biofuels can largely be called into question. Letter from the Territory Committee [...]

Study on biofuels: agricultural inputs

Internship thesis by Alain ZANARDO. Agro Industrial Transformations 2005-2006. University Department of AGEN. Keywords: biofuel, yield, production, comparatives, cost, inputs, fertilizers, flow, impact, CO2, energy balance. The study of crop inputs from an energy point of view is the subject of this dissertation. “Energy assessment of agricultural and forestry inputs and productions. " The […]

Download: Agriculture, non-food purposes

The non-food outlets of agriculture Fuels, textiles, cosmetics, plastics ... farmers can consider new prospects for the future. These non-food markets make it possible to reconcile producers' needs for profitability with the environmental demands of society and the expectations of consumers. Experiences and testimonials. Document (.pdf 1.45 Mo) of the [...]

Biogas in Africa

Methanisation project in Africa, Tanzania KEY WORDS: Tanzania, sustainable development, Environment, agriculture, biogas, Africa, renewable energies, methanisation, economy, social Project carried out in 2003 by DUCLOUS Jérôme and GUILLAUD Landry, 2 students from EIGSI, School engineers from La Rochelle. Their work is quite exceptional since the 2 students went to Tanzania to put […]

Bio-Methanization in Africa in Tanzania, the study to download

Project carried out in 2003 by DUCLOUS Jérôme and GUILLAUD Landry, 2 students of EIGSI, Engineering School of La Rochelle. Their work is quite exceptional since the 2 students went to Tanzania to implement and help the realization of methanization units within an NGO. A documentary film was also made. Download […]