After the industrial era, nothing more?

The industrial age has entered its critical phase. The process of gradual reduction is already well under way in 2005, and in a few years the industrial era will come to an end, by which we mean that industrial installations of all kinds will no longer be able to continue.

The threat to energy supplies irreparably condemns existing industrial infrastructure and the resulting industrial activities. No one can ignore that primary energy resources are running out, it is a matter of a few years, at most, and at the same time, these same resources will see their cost price increase dramatically, a consequence of their scarcity in the face of a demand that is increasing every day. We live in a world where everything is intimately linked to what happens industrially. Because of the world industrial organization, a tiny change in a primary parameter (like the price of oil for example) has incalculable consequences on a number of things.

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The last industrial breath will come from Asia, and more particularly from China, during this time there, the two other powers, America and Europe will experience unbearable difficulties in containing their industries, the jobs of their industries, without talking of course about the countless activities indirectly linked to their industries. Let us not even mention the situation of Africa which is sinking. After that, nothing.

PROSPECTIVE - 18/10/2005
Chronicle by Olivier RIMMEL

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