The pellet stove, the star of heating systems!

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Imagine yourself with the stove to enjoy a gentle heat! Eh yes ! This is one of the reasons that made the pellet stove highly acclaimed. It has many undeniable assets that have, over time, conquered homes. We tell you all about this heating that has revolutionized the way of heating your home and offers a pleasant atmosphere.

A very powerful heating

Le pellet stove is renowned for bringing a lasting heat and always equal. This is not the case of a fireplace or an electric heater, which provide a discontinuous heat. Sometimes hot, sometimes not enough, forget this feeling with the pellet stove!

Granules for optimal combustion

Granules are also called pellets. They are made thanks to the compression of the remains of sawdust or wood waste, which we did not do anything before. There is no need to add a chemical or a binder to form these pellets or pellets. Indeed, a strong pressure is enough to form and agglomerate the sawdust to form the granule. Thus, no risk to your health, the granule that burns emerges no harmful smell.

In addition, the pellet moisture content is less than 10%. It is for this reason that the combustion of this material is really optimized. You will find that there is almost nothing after burning. In addition, this constitution offers a regularity of combustion, unlike a log of wood that emits a lot of moisture and burns more randomly.

The ability to adjust the temperature

This argument is particularly appreciated by users! It is impossible to regulate the heat of a chimney to the nearest degree, but the pellet stove offers this possibility. Program the stove start and stop when you want using the programming system. And why not program it remotely? It is at the same time a greater comfort, but also the possibility of reduce your energy bill.

There is no need to be next to the pellet stove to start feeding. Indeed, a worm distributes the pellets as and when you need them. No need to monitor your home ! The stove is self-managing and requires very little maintenance. This way, you can set the stove to increase the heating temperature 30 mn before you get up or reduce it when you're away.

Reduce your energy bills!

To be well warm while paying less is possible with the pellet stove! You can benefit from tax credit by respecting certain conditions of obtaining. In addition, the cost of a stove is really reasonable compared to another heating system. There are different types. Of course, the more sophisticated the device, the higher the budget will be. But it must also be taken into consideration that the cost of raw materials is less expensive.

The price of pellets remained stable compared to other heating systems. Gas, electricity or fuel oil are all constantly increasing. And to ensure you great savings in everyday life, you should know that the pellet stove has a performance between 80 and 95%, when a fireplace offers only 30% yield! And even the closed insert does not go beyond 60%.

The almost total consumption of the granule favors a full use of all raw material. It is consumed entirely while the log will leave poorly burned places.

The pellet stove is good for the environment

The choice of a pellet stove is also the opportunity to take care of the environment. By optimizing your heating system and using waste from logging, you act in favor of nature. The combustion of pellets has a neutral ecological balance. In the flue gases from the pellet stove, there is very little Volatile Organic Compound (VOC). For 1 kWh heat, the pellet stove emits 33 g CO - while the electricity produced 180 g and for the combustion of wood there is 222 g.

You also optimize heating times by only starting the stove when you really need it. Electric heating is long to heat and does not retain heat, while the refractory material of the pellet stove diffuses heat for a long time.

Why choose the pellet stove?

Are you still hesitating?

  • The pellet stove is a way of very economical heating, but also very aesthetic. Indeed, you will have the opportunity to select the stove that will fit best to your home decor.
  • It's a good way to create a warm atmosphere and spread heat throughout the room.
  • It produces very little ash and does not require not a very important interview.
  • It can be programmed according to your wishes and it is remotely controllable to always know your consumption.
  • You reduce energy bills.
  • He has a great autonomy thanks to the worm.
  • You make the choice of clean energy and who respects the environment.
  • You benefit from tax credits to reduce the cost of installation.
  • It is very easy to install in your home.
  • The delivery of pellets is quick and easy.
  • There are ventilated pellet stoves to better distribute the heat or canalisables to distribute the heat in other parts of your home.
  • You use a heating system that values ​​wood waste that has not been used until recently.
  • The pellet stove has a long life.
  • Pellet is a high performance fuel.
  • It is easier to handle pellets rather than wood logs !

Feel free to compare the different offers of pellet stoves to select the model that will best suit your home and your needs. Opt for heating with the pellet stove, which ensures respect for the environment, reducing your bills and comfort in everyday life!

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4 comments on "The pellet stove, the star of heating systems!"

  1. I have a heating electric oil bath and I immediately hot, finally have to count 10 mn, no more, it is little. 🙂 When the thermostat triggers the oil bath stays warm for 1 / 4 hour, then it restarts.

  2. Hello,
    Since my waterproof pellet stove works in my home (that's 5 seasons) the dust on furniture in the room is black. It is not more abundant, but black. In the summer, with the stove turned off, the dust returns to its brown color.
    This does not mean that the stove emits particles but I would like to know what that means.

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