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The advantages of 230V LED panels: design and durability

LED lighting is gradually being installed in homes, offices, hotels, shopping centers, public spaces, etc. There are many reasons for the popularity of this type of lighting. Each year, the LED sector experiences innovations that only delight users, through high-performance equipment such as LED panels. These LED devices were quickly adopted by many people. Here we highlight the main advantages that LED panels offer from an economic and ecological point of view in 2020.

The design of the LED panels

For a long time, light sources only served to illuminate the places in which they were installed. Now with articles like the LED panel, lighting accessories are multifunctional, and one of their biggest roles is aesthetic. So you can use an LED panel to make your interior original.

230V LED panels, ideal for elegantly illuminating large spaces

To illuminate large rooms such as shopping centers, we often use garish neon lights which consume a lot of energy and attack the view. The perfect neon alternative is the LED panel.
LED panels are available in large sizes. Beyond the classic 60 × 60 cm panels, there are some that are 100 × 100 cm, 120 × 40 cm, 180 × 180 cm and more. The main interest you have in taking large panels is that one piece of equipment may be enough to cover a large area. In addition, the uniform light diffused by the LED panels is similar to natural light. For large spaces such as museums or halls, a brightness close to that provided by the sun is very suitable.

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LED panels, suitable for being recessed into ceilings

LED panels are easily and stylishly inserted into ceilings, which allows them not to be noticed. In this sense, there are on the market different kinds of LED panels that correspond to all types of ceilings. You will therefore find both 230V LED panels suitable for residential type ceilings (without false ceiling) as well as others likely to find their place in BA13 type ceilings.

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So you can for example cut your BA13 ceiling and place the LED panel there. Depending on the desired effect, this type of installation can be a decorative touch brought to the interior. Likewise, you can light a room with a false ceiling with framework or ceiling tiles by inserting LED panels. The diversity of dimensions and design of LED panels makes them useful for any type of ceiling. Also, installing LED panels on the ceiling eliminates shadows; it is a detail that is worth its weight in gold in certain spaces.

230V LED panels for adjustable lighting

Did you know that you can lower or increase the light intensity of a light? This possibility of light intensity adjustment exists in particular at the level of LED panels. Depending on the manufacturing technology, an LED panel can be dimmable, that is to say that you can control its intensity and even its color thanks to a dimmer. So, with a 230V LED panel, you can choose to light only a specific corner of the room, vary the colors of the light, especially with RGB technology, etc. This point thus reinforces the decorative role played by LED panels.

You will find on the market adjustable multicolored RGB LED panels according to your desires or your mood using remote controls or via smartphone. So, from the sofa, the terrace or any other place in the house, you can activate a command to change the brightness of your interior quite easily. This is something to charm guests during an evening!

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The durability of LEDs

The 230V LED panels, in addition to offering a very aesthetic lighting, have a impressive service life compared to other lighting technologies. You can calculate the return on investment for lighting with our free calculator. Their durability is therefore one of the advantages they offer to their users. So, since you don't have to change your fixtures regularly, you save money. LED panels can also save you energy and reduce your carbon footprint.

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LED panels, hard to grill

Halogen bulbs have served us for decades. But today they are completely obsolete when it comes to LED lighting. For comparison, a light bulb LED is 10 times more durable than a conventional bulb. The 230V LED panels can thus work for a very long time, with diodes that can light up for more than 50 hours. So you can use an LED panel for more than 000 years, 5 hours a day, just that! If you use it for 24 hours a day, you can enjoy it for more than 5 years. Resistant to brownouts and other electrical instabilities, your LED panel does not easily burn out.

Even after the tens of thousands of hours planned for its lifespan, the LED lighting is able to continue to function. Admittedly, its light intensity begins to decrease after 50 hours of use. However, the scattered light remains sufficient to ensure the lighting of a room.

However, the durability of the LED panel depends on its quality. Low-end LED products offer high brightness at the start of their use, but deteriorate very quickly. Care should therefore be taken when purchasing LED panels.

230V LED panels, useful for lower your energy costs

Scientific studies attest to the low energy consumption of LED lighting. At equal power, a 230V LED panel consumes 30% less energy than a standard neon lighting panel and more than 70% less than an old halogen or tungsten based lighting! In reality, LED panels do not produce heat, which allows them to be less greedy than other sources of lighting.

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This energy performance will allow you to reduce the electricity consumption of your home or office. As part of the energy renovation of your home for example, any RGE craftsman (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment) will recommend the use of 230V LED panels or other LED lighting devices. In addition, to benefit from the financial aid dedicated to thermal renovation, one of the conditions is to ensure the reduction of energy consumption.

LED panels, the assurance of a ecological lighting

230V LED panels and others are the best allies to guarantee ecological lighting. They do not contain chemicals and are fully recyclable. Also, they do not emit UV rays. Likewise, their durability forces manufacturers not to produce them in exponential quantities and at a frantic pace. Therefore, the raw materials necessary for their production are not overexploited.

In short, the use of 230V LED panels is a gesture at a time trendy, economical and ecological.

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