Advantages and disadvantages of pellets compared to wood

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of pellets compared to a wood burning logs in?

screws automatic pellet boiler feed
archimedes screw for automatic feeding of a pellet boiler

Advantages of wood pellets on

- Power Automation for boilers,
- Semi automation for stoves (loading all 24h)
- Little or no preparation work of the fuel (wood heater 3 times, pellets will heat up once!)
- Storage volume but less necessity either inside (humidity)
- Available without much work (for you) in very large quantities (tons in 12 once)
- Standard fuel: no bad surprises (at least in theory) on the wood quality,
- Generally cleaner combustion: soot less frequent than wood.

Disadvantages of wood pellets on

- The need for a power supply for stoves (and therefore consumption and no heating so in case of power failure, fortunately rare but still must be specified)
- Expensive hardware to install but could be subject tofinancial aid or tax credit
- Inability to burn something other than pellets in a pellet stove, the boiler conversion is surely possible but complex and costly.
- Fuel to 30 50% more expensive than wood logs with energy equivalent but compensated, in part or full by the yield generally higher devices,
- Life of less than pellet stoves wood stove (wood stove in modern quality logs can hold 50 years, life hardly possible for a pellet stove with a turbine and electronic control without regular maitenance and changing rooms)
- Slightly noisy stoves during operation because the fan and automation. In case of presence in or near a chamber that can be problematic.
- Uncertainties price stability pellet

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