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Advertising campaign: advertise and advertise on the site ?

The site and forums can make known your products or services in the fields of habitat, environment or energy, areas with high added value!

What targeting?

Our visitors have a strong interest in habitat, technique, innovation, environment and energy (car, house, transport, energy saving, DIY but also on the finance and economics.

Ths different topics covered on our forums as shown by.

What types of advertising can we offer you?

We offer CPC or CPM campaigns via Google Ads

As we use Google Adsense, you can use the service directly Google Adwords and specify targeting the site

This without contacting us, the service provided by Google Adwords will take care of everything.

We also offer permanent publications to talk about your products or services, these are infomercials

If you are interested in an infomercial, please read it and fill out the corresponding form on the page of professional infomercials

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What costs per campaign?

  • By using Google Ads, you can work in cost-per-click CPC text link campaigns or in still or animated display campaigns at cost per thousand displays. Google will set the cost of the campaign according to an auction system that varies according to supply and demand.
  • The price of one professional infomercial will depend on the length of the article, the type of service or product you offer, the number of links and images in the story. Contact us on the form professional infomercials

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