Accelerated development of biofuels

Renewable energies for fuels:

François Loos is delighted with the acceleration of the development of biofuels decided by the Prime Minister, an acceleration which he himself has called for since his arrival at the Ministry. The Minister specifies that all means will be implemented to reach the new objectives of incorporating biofuels of 5,75% by 2008, 7% by 2010 and 10% by 2015, by operating all of the following levers:

- the tax approval of existing and new production capacities, in order to allow projects to see the light of day with sufficient financial profitability, so that the quantities of biofuels are available on the markets,

- in particular tenders up to 1 tonnes will be launched before the end of 800 to meet the objective of 000% by 2005,

- the research, within the sectors, of the most promising products by integrating in particular the technological evolutions expected in the medium term,

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- optimization of the tax system to support the development of biofuels following the work of the inter-ministerial expert mission.

On all of these subjects, François Loos works in concert with Dominique Bussereau, Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Renewable energies for heat and electricity:

For François Loos: "the Government will implement all the means necessary to reach the ambitious objectives fixed by the law of July 13, 2005 on energy and in particular the objectives in matters of energy savings and diversification of sources of energy. For France, it is a question of moving between now and 2010:

• From 11 Mtep to 16,5Mtep for renewable heat;
• From 0,4Mtep to 3,5 Mtep for renewable fuels;
• From 14% to 21% for renewable electricity, or an additional 3Mtep. "

In this context, François Loos underlines that “the use of biomass for energy purposes makes it possible to reduce our dependence on oil while fighting against the greenhouse effect. We can make it into biofuels but also into electricity or heat ”. He indicates that he will immediately launch a new call for tenders for the production of electricity from biomass up to 300MW. He recalled that the Prime Minister decided on September 1 to raise the tax credit for renewable energy production equipment in housing to 50%. “At the current fuel price, certain renewable energies are becoming not only ecological but also economical. This is particularly true of the production of heat by wood. "

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