Here are some useful abbreviations in the field of transport and / or sustainable development.

ACEA: European Automobile Manufacturers Association
ADEME: Environment and Energy Management Agency
AOTU: Organizing authority for urban transport
APPA: Association for the Prevention of Atmospheric Pollution
ATE: Transport and Environment Association
ATEnEE: Territorial actions for the environment and energy efficiency
CA: Agglomeration Community
CCFA: Committee of French Automobile Manufacturers
UNFCCC: United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
CE: European Commission
CERTU: Center for studies on networks, transport, urban planning and public buildings
CETUR: Center of technical studies of urban trans-ports
CH4: methane
CIADT: Interministerial Committee for Planning and Development of the Territory
CIDD: Interdepartmental Committee for Sustainable Development
CITEPA: Interprofessional Technical Center for Studies of Air Pollution
CNADT: National Planning and Development Council
UNCED: United Nations Conference on Environment and Development
CO: carbon monoxide
CO2: carbon dioxide
CVC: Cycling Cities Club
CPER: state-region plan contract
DATAR: Delegation to regional development and action
DARLY: Moving Otherwise Region Lyon
DATAR: Delegation to Territorial Planning and Regional Action
DIREN: Regional Directions for the Environment
DRIRE: Regional Directions of the Research and Environment Industry
DVA: Agglomeration road file
DTT: land transport direction
EEA: European Environment Agency
EIE: Energy info space
EPCI: Public institution of intercommunal cooperation
ERT: European round table of industrialists
ETBE: Ethyl tertiary butyl ether
FEB: Federation of Belgian companies
FNAUT: National Federation of Transport User Associations
FNE: France Nature Environment Federation
FUBicy: French Federation of Bicycle Users
GART: Group of Transport Authorities
GHGs: greenhouse gases
IPCC: Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
NGV: Natural gas vehicle
LPG: Liquefied Petroleum Gas
HC: hydrocarbons
HFC: Hydrofluorocarbon
IATA: International air transport association
ICLEI: International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives
IFEN: French Institute of the Environment
INRETS: National Research Institute on Transport and their security
INSEE: National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies
IWW: Institut für Wirtschaftspolitik und Wirtschaftsforschung - Universität Karlsruhe
LAURE: Law on air and the rational use of energy
LOADDT: Orientation law for planning and sustainable development of the territory
LOTI: Inland Transport Orientation Law
MEDD: Ministry of Ecology and Sustainable Development
METLTM: Ministry of Equipment, Transport, Housing, Tourism and the Sea
MIES: Inter-ministerial mission of the greenhouse effect
N2O: nitrous oxide
NOx: nitrogen oxides
OECD: Organization for Cooperation and Economic Development
ONERC: National observatory of the effects of global warming
PACA: Provence - Alps - French Riviera
PADD: Sustainable Development and Development Plan
PDU: urban travel plan
PDE: Business Travel Plans
PDS: School Travel Plans
GDP: gross domestic product
PLU: local urban plan
PNLCC: national program to combat climate change
UNEP: United Nations Environment Program
POS: land occupation plan
PPP: plan of protection of the atmosphere
PREDIT: National Program for Research and Innovation in Land Transport
PRG: global warming power
PRQA: regional plan for air quality
4D: Dossiers and debates for sustainable development
RAC-F: Climate Action Network - France
RATP: Autonomous Board of Bets
RFF: French rail network
HVF: heavy duty charge linked to services
SCOT: Territorial Coherence Scheme
SDAU: master plan of planning and urban planning
ESDP: Community Space Development Scheme
SIFES: information and training strategy on the greenhouse effect
SMV: Volontarist Multimodal Scheme
SNCF: National Society of French Railways
NSSD: National Strategy for Sustainable Development
SRU: solidarity and urban renewal
SSC: Schematic of collective services
T&E: Transport and environment
TCSP: Clean Ground Transit
TER: regional express trains
TGAP: general tax on pollutant activities
TGV: high speed train
TIPP: Domestic Tax on Petroleum Products
TeC: carbon equivalent ton
VNF: Inland waterways of France
WWF-France: World Widlife Fund - France

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