An Inconvenient Truth: The Movie warming?

Humanity is sitting on a time bomb. Scholars around the world agree that we have barely ten years left to avert a planetary catastrophe - a major disruption of the climate system that would lead to extreme weather disruption, flooding, long periods of drought, sea waves. murderous heat.

This catastrophe of an unprecedented scale, we would be the first responsible; only we can still avoid it. Rather than ringing the tocsin of the apocalypse or giving in to gloomy delight, An Inconvenient Truth has chosen to illustrate and relay the action and passionate struggle of one man, former Vice President Al Gore , who has been traveling the United States for five years to persuade his fellow citizens of the urgent need to react to this crisis.

A controversy about this film organized by "skeptics" (who undoubtedly have certain interests in global warming) is emerging on the Internet. We talk about it on forums.

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