A giant solar power plant will be born

This 100 Megawatt plant - which will be built in Spain by ACS and Solar Millenium - is expected to be the largest in the world.

ACS, the leading Spanish construction group, has announced that it plans to join forces with the German firm Solar Millenium to build in Guadix, Andalusia (south), the largest solar thermal power plant in the world.
"The solar thermal power plant project is in development and depends on the authorization of administrations", told AFP this source of the ACS group, led by the president of the football club Real Madrid, Florentino Perez.

It is a plant "generating electrical energy from transformers that collect sunlight" which should be "the largest in the world in terms of energy produced", according to the same source, which has however refused to specify the power and the cost thereof, as well as the exact participation of ACS in the project and its opening date.

According to the Spanish economic daily Cinco Dias, the capacity of the plant will be 100 Megawatts, distributed in two groups of 50 Megawatts each. The project, costing around 500 million euros, should be operational in 2006, assures the daily.

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According to sources close to the project cited by Cinco Dias, the plant will supply 180.000 homes and prevent the emission of 157.000 tons of CO2 (carbon dioxide) into the atmosphere annually.

source: www.batiactu.com

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