Wolvendael Magazine: The Kitchen Garden Lazy, better than permaculture, Didier Helmstetter

The number 621 of Wolvendael Magazine of September 2016 devotes a 2-page article on the technique of the Potager du Laesseux. This article was written by Stève Polus (former editor-in-chief of the newspaper "Le Soir") and it is the very first written press article on the technique improved permaculture initiated and developed since 2014 on forums of the Econologie.com site. An introduction to the Did67 technique is available on this page: the garden of the lazy garden with hay


Eat more healthily: from there to cultivating your own vegetable garden, there is only one step, but how? Some, more and more, are getting started. Even in town. The secret of the Lazy Garden can come to their aid.

Blue sky, bright sun, a lounger. A man with a straw hat at the Van Gogh lying limply in the middle of a vegetable garden. Butterflies dancing around her hat. On his
YouTube videos, Didier Helmstetter symbolizes perfectly the lazy gardener toes (morally) fan. A kind of anti-Angelus of Millet as a snub hedonistic and mocking to all efforts inseparable notions of working the land. One caricature: his message deserves to be heard. In essence, the Alsatian Didier Helmstetter, a professional agronomist, said simply: "Why is tiring badly to do what nature does so well? Let us work towards and microorganisms, they do not ask that! "

Cultivate the soil without turning it over, without hoe or grelinette, harvesting without effort, no fertilizers or pesticides “more than organic” vegetables, this is what he does on the 600 m2 of his vegetable garden near Rosheim (Alsace) . Didier was in fact obliged to do so, by nature: his own. Having suffered from a heart attack, the physical efforts of gardening were prohibited. One day, he meets Manfred Wenz, a self-taught German farmer who cultivates 50 hectares without any tillage. And he begins to apply his very simple principles, with remarkable results. (…)



- Download the article from Le Potager du Laesseux in .pdf
- The full number 621 of Wolvendael Magazine (article is on page 50)
- The vegetable garden lazy garden with hay
- The subject of forums on the Potager du Laesseux since 2014

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