Water injection on Renault 21

For the comments I will tell you first of all Thank you because your engineering student report was my bedside book during my evenings and my vacation week which allowed me to better understand these phenomena before putting myself in action, 4 hours for the positioning of the reactor (bought from APTE). Then I must say that I spent 4 ha making this bubbler with heating by cooling liquid (which is no longer useful to me) then set up an automatic electronic filling that works very well except on a car (the I suffered ... because there is the - to the mass ...)
and looking for a solution I did the maintenance of the car and it was impossible to properly disassemble the oil filter so: THE BULLEUR A VIRER
and I started on the carburetor base (simplicity guaranteed) in 3 hours the trick was played except for the photos because it does not make it possible to see that I have no bridge, and some adjustments: choke fully and maximum opening of the bushel and a large cloth as an air filter which gives me 50cl / 100km of water consumed and apparently 18 to 28% of fuel economy (still in progress) I specify that it is my wife who does is used the most to go to work 85km / day and she finds that the engine is more fluid which responds better and runs better, I did a test in full neutral and according to the tachometer it seems that the maximum speed to increase by 200 revolutions / min but I did not spend time doing that. For the rest I will equip a Nissan Vanette as soon as I have a moment, I will keep you informed if you want.
see you soon and thank you again

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water injection on Renault 21

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