Types of wood stoves and other wood-burning appliances

What types of wood stoves are available on the market for what type of fuel wood?

The reader will carefully read the introduction to this “wood heating” dossier: why choose to heat with wood, and for any questions on wood heating, refer to our forum heating and insulation.

The type of wood-burning appliance essentially depends on the type of firewood used itself depending on the utility and the function of your type of wood-burning: main or back-up, hydraulic or hot air? Here is the classification we offer

Two main families of wood-burning appliances: individual and on central heating

A: “individual” heaters; ie heating in a single “hot” point. Obviously, heat can spread to the rest of the home

  • A1: logs stoves, briquettes or charcoal
  • A2: pellet stoves
  • A3: hydraulic log or pellet stoves with production of hot air and domestic hot water
  • A4: other types of wood-burning appliances
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B: devices connecting to central heating (generally hydraulic but can be forced hot air); that is to say an appliance of the wood-fired boiler type, most often with pellets or chips.

The hydraulic stoves the most powerful can be connected to the central heating like this model Thermorossi H2O of 34 kW:

EcoTherm Thermorossi H2O

Guide: how to choose your wood-burning appliance

Other wood burning appliances

Finally, there are many other wood-burning appliances that do not fall into the above categories:

  •  wood stoves
  •  complete wood-burning stoves (often hybridized with several energies: wood + gas and / or electric)
  •  pellet and log stoves
  • wood stoves with "bread or pizza oven" function (often included in mass stoves, otherwise ask for it!)
  • pans with a small “cooking plate” (see “barbecue” option…)… to see how residual odors are managed?
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Do not hesitate to take a tour on our forum and ask your question if necessary (choice, doubts ...): forum wood heating you can even suggest additions or corrections to this folder on the topic dedicated to this folder firewood.

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