Timing and progress of project Laigret

What are the advanced Laigret Project?

This article summarizes the first developments and the birth of the Laigret project, to see the latest news and developments, we invite you to consult this page which will be updated frequently.

The Laigret project is an example, which we hope will be a landmark, of community work and, for the moment, volunteer, around an ambitious sustainable development project aimed at create a synthetic and renewable oil from biomass by bacterial fermentation.

Early May 2008: publication of the 1er article (from Science and Life) about Laigret.

25 July 2008: creation of topic Laigret

1er August 2008: first synthetic "new" with Reports from the Academy of Sciences found thanks to the topic created the July 25.

18 August 2008: launch of the idea for the Laigret project by C moa (Ludovic) and the discussion to see how to organize.

11 and 12 September 2008: “official” launch of the Laigret project via a special mailing and news: Launch of the Laigret project.

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The same days we created the following topics:
- Research documentations Laigret project
- Experiments on the Laigret project
- Which open source license
- Project funding

End of September 2008: recovery (thanks Capt_Maloche) documents from the Institut Pasteur in Paris, cruel disappointment because there is hardly anything more than what we already knew.

We had a lot of hope for these documents.

3 October 2008: opening of the Laigret section (the article you are currently reading is part of it) on the site to summarize the project a little, with in particular:

- What is Laigret oil?
- Documentation of the project Laigret
- Launch of the Laigret project

16 October 2008: recovery of the unique Laigret patent which includes (for a patent) a lot of biolological indications. It can therefore constitute a good working basis for the first experiments.

- Patent Doctor Laigret
- Patent Claim of Dr. Laigret

16 October 2008: transmission of the patent to the CNAM in Cherbourg and to the media library of the Pasteur Institute in Paris

More: the latest advances and development of the Laigret project

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