Tax credit for heating regulation or programming

State aid and public subsidies: the tax credit in France for the purchase of heating control devices and programming of heating equipment and boilers.

a) Appliances installed in a detached house.

  • Systems for central regulation of heating installations by room thermostat or by external sensor, with programming clock or mono or multizone programmer,
  • Systems for individual terminal control of heat emitters (thermostatic valves),
  • Systems for limiting the electrical power of the electric heater according to the outside temperature.
    Energy management or load shedding systems for electric heating

b) Appliances installed in a multi-unit building

  • Systems listed above regarding the individual house
  • Materials necessary for balancing the heating installations allowing a correct distribution of the heat delivered to each dwelling,
  • Equipment for cascading boilers, excluding the installation of new boilers,
  • Boiler remote management systems providing heating control and programming functions,
  • Systems for central regulation of domestic hot water production equipment in the case of combined production of domestic hot water and water intended for heating.
  • Individual heat meters and heat cost allocators

Tax credit amount

a) For all these thermal insulation materials, the rate of the tax credit is 25%. This rate is raised to 40% on the double condition that these equipments are installed in a dwelling completed before 1/1/1977 and that their installation is carried out at the latest on December 31 of the 2 nd year following that of the acquisition of housing.

b) The tax credit applies to expenses paid between January 1, 2005 and December 31, 2009. For example, the expenses paid in 2007 must be declared when declaring income for 2007. It is therefore in 2008 that these expenses must be declared.

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