Sarko the green!

Sarkozy pleads for the "rupture" in ecological matters

The president of the UMP Nicolas Sarkozy, follower of the "rupture" in the economic and social fields, also pleaded for this idea in environmental matters, Wednesday during a convention of his party in Paris on ecology.

According to the president of the UMP, “the right must thoroughly renew its perception of ecology” and “must do more and better than vilify the Greens”.

"Change, that means the rupture", hammered the number two of the government in front of several hundred people, including many deputies, ministers and former ministers, gathered in the Assembly.

In the presence of Nicolas Hulot, defender of nature and close to Jacques Chirac, who had just asked that “France show the way”, Mr. Sarkozy unrolled a whole series of proposals in favor of “a popular ecology project ". PARIS (AFP)

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Econology note:

Selected song: "If we want to get out of the endless dilemma between ecology and economic growth, we must propose to make ecology a driving force of the latter. This is the third axis of a popular ecology ”, he also underlined.

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Mr Sarkozy would have become econologue?

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