Nuclear power, the future of ecology? HEC Conference

The HECosystème association is pleased to invite you to its next conference on May 2, 2006 at 18 p.m. at HEC. Ecologist Bruno Comby will speak on the topic “Nuclear power, the future of ecology? ". All information is available on the site: click here.

Presentation of the conference:

As the price of oil rises and greenhouse gas emissions threaten to disrupt the climate, a redefinition of our energy policy is becoming more urgent every day.

In the midst of commemorating the twentieth anniversary of Chernobyl, the nuclear debate crystallizes tensions. Energy deadly for some, it is for its supporters a relevant response to the energy challenges of the twenty-first century.

Among the ecologists, discordant voices are heard. Grouped within the Association of Ecologists for the Nuclear, some militate actively for the atom and put forward its advantages for the environment.

Their president, Bruno Comby, will come to the HEC school on May 2 at 18 p.m. for a conference-debate on the theme “Nuclear power, the future of ecology? ". It will work to demystify nuclear energy and answer essential questions on nuclear safety, the Chernobyl accident, the lifespan of waste and its reprocessing, the EPR reactor, the future of the planet, etc.

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So, does France have to "get out of nuclear power" as some people advocate or give the atom its full place in the energy cocktail of the future? Is nuclear energy a threat to the environment or, on the contrary, a way of preserving the environment?

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