Masters of water

Masters of water (Arte 2002)

The subject: water in all its forms.

Interaction with music, vibrations, forms, we even touch a little on the conflicting and very controversial memory of water ...

1) Shapes and vibrations

Impressive video on the vibratory properties of water as an illustration of morphogenesis. It would be interesting to see how another fluid behaves subjected to the same experiment and to draw scientific conclusions: is there something special with water or is it a property of classical fluid mechanics and vibratory?

Size: 10 1 minute MB

Watch the video: water, vibrations, shape and morphogenesis

2) Masters of water: full video

Full video of the report “The Masters of Water” broadcast on Arte at the beginning of 2002.

Certain passages are remarkable. The work of V. Schauberger, Plocher, Lauterwasser and Dr. Emoto (among others) are presented.

Size: 65 40 minutes for Mo

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See the Masters of Water

More: Debate, information and explanations of morphogenesis

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