Greenhouse gases: French emissions go back

 French greenhouse gas emissions have increased by 0,5% in 2003, according to an inventory that the Interministerial Mission for the Greenhouse Effect (Mies) has just put online. It is the residential-tertiary sector that is the main source of this increase: after an improvement in 2002, its emissions increase again by 6,8%. Over the 1990-2003 period, they increased by 14,3%. Emissions from the energy industry are also up (+ 2,4%). The transport sector is once again a good student, with a stabilization of its 2003 emissions (but they have increased by 22,7% since 1990). Manufacturing industries continue their downward trend, again gaining 1,3%, bringing the total reduction of their emissions to 21,8% since 1990.
In total, French releases increased by 0,5% in one year but decreased by 1,9% since 1990. Under the Kyoto Protocol and its European commitments, France must stabilize its emissions in 2008-2012 (average of five years) at their level of 1990.

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