Free wheel in automobile by Panhard

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Here are 2 advertisements from Panhard (French manufacturer of pre-war cars) promoting the merits of the Freewheel technique allowing fuel savings and limiting engine wear.

1) 1933 Advertising

Panhard freewheel

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Transcription :

“Panhard fair solutions:

The new front suspension with pendulum.

It absorbs the reactions and increases the comfort, while leaving to the direction its precision and its softness, and the car its incomparable handling.

- Automatic disengagement,
- Panhard freewheel on four silent speeds
- Self-compensating brakes
- Road stabilizer
- Aerodynamic package "

2) 1934 Advertising

Panhard 1934 free wheel
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Transcription :

“The Freewheel eliminates the risk of engine braking on slippery roads. Ch. Faroux.

Freed from the annoying and sometimes dangerous tutelage of the engine, receiving only frank impulses, the freewheeling car increases our feelings of well-being tenfold and brings us, moreover, the economy. Thus, on the Paris-Marseille route, i.e. 800 km, a total of 220 km, corresponding to Paris-Avallon, can be coasted, engine at idle, without noticeable reduction in average speed.

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Safety, approval, fuel economy, taxes and mechanics.

Try the 14 CV, panning at 44, 950 Francs.


If these technologies and this advertising approach could currently make people smile, the fact remains that Panhard was at the head of the technology in those years.

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