François Loos: drive at 115 instead of 130km / h

François Loos au “Parisien”: driving at 115 km / h instead of 130 on the motorway compensates for the increase in oil

The Minister of Industry François Loos invites the French to "make a gesture" to "consume less oil", such as "for example" driving at 115km / h instead of 130 on the motorway, he explains in an interview at the "Parisien-Today in France" Saturday.

"We have to encourage people to consume less," says Loos. "Some advocate" a new road speed limit "but nothing is arbitrated".

The fact remains that “we should not expect everything from the State, it is up to everyone to make a gesture to consume less oil. For example, reducing your speed from 130km / h to 115km / h on the motorway makes it possible to save money which compensates for the recent rise in the price of oil ”.

"We are indeed suffering from a durably high oil price, we will also retain a barrel of at least 50 dollars in the 2006 draft budget. We must adapt well", notes the Minister.

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Note on econology: another nice speech (useless because everyone already knows it) from the government which would do better to look into the development of cleaner engines and renewable energies more efficiently ...

In addition, Mr Loos probably did not take into account the shortfall in (unproductive) time lost on the road ... So much GDP and various taxes in the state budget.

In any case, it will be us, the consumers, who will foot the final note even as the profits of the oil companies explode… Since the State is not ready to make concessions…

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