France will transpire

If the average temperature on the surface of the planet is is high of 0,6 ° C in a century, the oceans will heat up more slowly than the continents. Europe in particular is experiencing a fairly high temperature elevation. What about our country? France has already won 1 ° C, a half times the global warming. According to the first report of ONERC (1), if the trend continues, the temperature in France could rise 3 ° C by a century or even 9 ° C in the assumption of the worst a global warming of 6 ° C. Moreover, the warming will be branded in the summer, causing heat waves more frequent.

With a warming of 3 ° C, the equivalent of the heatwave of 2003 would come back every other year. We are already observing a significant retreat of glaciers and changes in natural rhythms: the dates of the harvests have advanced by almost three weeks in half a century, and the growth of forests has become 30% faster in a century. Various animal species have moved north, including Atlantic fish such as Cynopsis roseus, akin to scallops. We don't see any piranhas in the Channel yet, but let's wait ...

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(1) National Observatory on the Effects of Climate Warming.


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