Influenza A and work at home, a social déclit for teleworking?

Everyone is preparing for the Influenza A epidemic. Will it come or not? No idea but this is not the question of this reflection ...

What interests econology is the development and establishment, thanks to this "probable crisis", of remote work or telecommuting: colleges, high schools, universities and some large companies have set up, or are currently setting up, remote work or study tools!

These tools, which have been known since the 80s, are only rarely used. And yet they present great advantages econologically speaking. One can wonder about the need for executives and intellectual professions to have to go systematically to work in the office.

It's a safe bet that, thanks to modern telecommunication tools (especially those developed since the 2000s), 40 to 50% of tasks, and therefore of working time, can be "delocalized" at home ...

This with the positive consequences on the environment that we guess. And in particular on 2 energy-consuming points for our company: heating and air conditioning needs and transport…

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So will this crisis be a social decline vis-à-vis the unloved teleworking? Possible… but not sure!

In any case, the employees who will practice “forced teleworking” may want to continue the method after the crisis.

We can only rejoice!

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