Environment and energy savings, the Swiss exemplary? Sites to ponder

Switzerland's climate policy is far more rational and efficient than ours: at best we will ape it one day? But the oil lobbies are watching and buying their truth with your spending ...

Here FINALLY therefore the REAL energy classification of your self on:

energy label et Infotechtcs

In the meantime, you can already save and therefore pollute less by rolling on momentum in neutral (don't worry, you have the brakes to… brake! And the engine to move forward !!). See other helpful tips on:

And don't be fooled: the 1% drop in fuel consumption in France in 2003 caused the state to lose TIPP (€ 1 billion out of 24 approx.) Or the ignition of fires to compensate and even Increase it again and again (+ 2% or even 5% in the city!).

Last thing, did you know that a "noble" gasoline engine has a catastrophic efficiency of about 10% in the city with the pollution that results from it? A diesel reaches 20 to 30% under the same conditions !!
When will we see the incentives and bonuses for the purchase of the very rare cars with less than 100 g / km in CO2 M.Chirac? May N. Hulot finally relay to me ...

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Good road.

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