Free energy

Extract from a video on Free energy (Odyssey 1998)

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Here are 3 excerpts from a video on an extremely sensitive subject: free energy, also called absolute zero energy or vacuum energy.

We call free energy the excess energy observed in certain inventions. This excess energy means that some energy systems would provide more energy than is needed to power them.

They could thus be self-sufficient and produce decentralized energy which is above all free for all. Nikola Tesla's work on very high frequency voltages made it possible to highlight for the first time over-unity phenomena (with energy efficiency greater than 1).

Tesla and free energy

nikola tesla video

Brief presentation of Tesla and one of his main discoveries: vacuum energy.
Size: 3.5 2 minutes for Mo
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Download the video Nikola Tesla and free energy

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Free energy: presentation, testimonies and scientific debate

Video stanley meyer

21 minute video presenting and discussing vacuum energy. Remarkable fact: we see Stanley Meyer (and his machine which strongly resembles a water engine which performs a "supercracking" of water based on high frequencies and high voltages) a few months before his death (October 1998)
Size: 36 21 minutes for Mo

Download video from Stanley Meyer

Conclusion on the use of vacuum energy

video free energy

Scientific and philosophical conclusion of the large-scale use of free energy.
Size: MB 2.5 1 30minute
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Download the conclusion video on free energy

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