Global CO2 emissions by source of activity

What are the CO2 emissions by source or sector of human activity in the world?

Sources: IEA, IPCC and Jean-Marc Jancovici

Depending on the source and the analysis used, we will see that the proportions vary enormously.

Global CO2 emissions by source of activity

Global CO2 emissions by source of activity including electricity and energy in the end use source

Emissions of all greenhouse gases in addition to CO2 (methane, N2O and halocarbons) by sector of final activity

Geographical distribution of the top 12 CO2-emitting countries in the world and ranking according to sector

More details: Manicore

- CO2 emissions per capita per country
- CO2 emissions by country and by electric kWh in Europe
- CO2 emissions per liter of fuel: petrol, diesel or LPG
- forums global warming and greenhouse effect

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