Shale gas extraction, environmental and health risks

Review Panel on the Shale Gas Industry. Inquiry and public hearing report Quebec report by the BAPE (Bureau of public hearings on the environment) of 144 pages on the exploration and exploitation of shale gas and the potential environmental, health and social problems of its exploitation . Introduction Shale gas exploration and exploitation projects […]

Planned obsolescence, symbol of the waste society

Planned obsolescence, symbol of the waste society: the case of electrical and electronic products September 2010. By Marine Fabre and Wiebke Winkler. Publication of Cniid and Friends of the Earth. Obsolescence is the fact that a product becomes obsolete. Planned obsolescence is the act of voluntarily making a product obsolete at the cost of a certain […]

The Great Bluff of Home Appliances: False Reliability and Seller Abuse

How distribution and industrialists seek maximum profitability at the expense of consumers. The Great Bluff of household appliances! Extracts from special envoy of February 2010. Find out more: - Are we in a disposable society? - Industrial obsolescence, the story of a deception: facts and debate - Full report on the Great Bluff of household appliances […]

Banking and financial crisis: econology in the newspaper Le Monde by Gérard Mermet

The famous sociologist Gérard Mermet published 3 days ago in the newspaper Le Monde a very incisive article on our society and on France in particular. The term “econology” as an alternative to the current mode of development (purely based on consumption and “growth”) is mentioned there. That is, to our […]

Choose an ethical bank

The environment, a weighty criterion in choosing your bank. September 30, 2008, By Yann Louvel Friends of the Earth are today publishing the 2008-2009 version of their eco-citizen guide “Environment: how to choose my bank?”, In partnership with the CLCV. The association analyzed the environmental and social impacts of the various activities of the big banks […]

Download: The ecological bonus new cars, questions and answers

Everything you need to know about the Ecological Bonus: a series of questions and answers by the French Ministry of the Environment. Read the general information on the principle of the ecological bonus. General questions Another new car tax! We are only trying to give an advantage to clean vehicles financed by a tax on polluting vehicles. The device […]

Peugeot-PSA Hdi hybrid car: no subsidy, no hdi hybrid for everyone!

As PSA has not received any state subsidies, the Hdi Hybrid engine will only be available for “Premium” vehicles, including “high-end” vehicles. This behavior, which can be compared to blackmail, is quite astonishing on the part of a "large" car manufacturer group which makes large profits. It is in any case not normal that a […]

Economic growth without environmental pollution?

Can we let the developing countries pollute as much as we, the rich countries, polluted? Before being partially engulfed by the deluge of rain that flooded 75% of the Indonesian capital in early February, Jakarta had already had its share of bad news. One of them, which concerns air pollution, would almost make flooding enviable: according to […]

Crude oil money

What is the real price or cost of oil? What has been the evolution of prices during the last decades? How much does oil bring to those who sell it? Has energy ever been more expensive? How much does energy cost in relation to purchasing power? In this article and the following, we will try to answer these different […]

Global energy consumption

What is the global consumption of primary energy, its evolution since the beginning of the industrial era and the different sources of energy used by humanity? The answers to these 3 questions are in the graph below (click on the image to enlarge): Evolution of “commercial” energy consumption in millions of tonnes of oil equivalent. Sources: Schilling & […]

Independent inventors and NIH syndrome: Not Invented Here

Independent inventors and the NIH syndrome These videos show the problems encountered by independent inventors in trying to promote their ideas to industrialists or companies. The blockage encountered has a name: the NIH syndrome: Not Invented Here, in other words in French, the syndrome “Pas Inventé Ici”! This NIH syndrome is good for […]

How inflation works 3

Some notions of inflation, money and finance… (3/3) Keywords: money, cost, Friedman, Keynes, chicago boys, monetary order, central bank, ECB, key rates Read part 2 More, a straw in the shape of a beam! Look at the beautiful curves that this gives us (taken from a BNP Paribas Resarch document): that of the gap […]

How inflation works 2

Some notions of inflation, money and finance… (2/3) Read part 1 Keywords: money, cost, Friedman, Keynes, chicago boys, monetary order, central bank, ECB, key rates 1st point: Fight against inflation? Yes but which one? Have you ever been interested in knowing how the Central Bank or our governments interpreted “inflation” […]

How inflation works 1

Some notions of inflation, money and finance… (1/3) Keywords: money, cost, Friedman, Keynes, chicago boys, monetary order, central bank, ECB, key rates It's because money governs the world that matters to know who governs the money… Introduction Inflation, money, these are terms which seem very familiar to all of us, and yet, in […]

Money scam: creation of money

The Global Monetary Swindleby Eberhard Hamer, Professor at the Institute for the Middle Classes in Hanover The current manipulation of the currency and exchange systems is the most important scandal and the most marked consequences of our time. For the first time, the currency swindle has reached global dimensions, as it takes place all over […]

French taxation on energy

Taxation of energies and raw materials The Ministry of the Economy, Finance and Industry, and in particular the General Directorate of Energy and Raw Materials (DGEMP), develops and implements government policy in the sector energy and mineral raw materials. Its missions can be grouped around five axes: - […]

Energy in China: weak point of its economy

China wants to diversify its energy sources China, which continues its economic and demographic development, will eventually be the biggest polluter on the planet The International Energy Agency estimates that China and India will together overtake the United States (first polluter) around 2015. While environmental management remains an opaque problem in China […]

Ecodesign for mechanics

Eco-design for mechanics Keywords: life cycle analysis, design, product, environment, sustainable Introduction To design or redesign is to try to keep it simple by approaching the “just necessary”. In this approach, moving towards "the most respectful of the environment" is often perceived or considered, sometimes rightly, as being a constraint limiting the options […]

10 shots on wealth

Ten clichés on wealth by Patrick Viveret. Writer, philosopher, author of the ministerial report “Reconsidering wealth” (available below) The wealth of a country is not what we believe, and especially not what we measure… Patrick Viveret analyzes 10 preconceived ideas about wealth… It is about money, third sector, domestic economy, […]

Ice oil

Global warming in the Arctic (and Siberia): a good deal for oil (and gas) Global warming does not only have drawbacks… indeed; it “will allow” the exploitation of new zones or the establishment of new trade routes such as the Northwest Passage. The global warming observed in recent years in the Arctic worries many people […]

Globalization: collateral damage

In his documentary entitled "Darwin's Nightmare", Hubert Sauper shows how globalization becomes the last stage of human evolution, and how the law of the strongest, applied to the economic and social system, generates ecological and human catastrophes. Tanzania, shore of Lake Victoria, late 50s. It was in this region until then […]

The CO2 tax in Switzerland?

From 2006, a CO2 tax will be applied to fossil fuels in Switzerland An article establishing a CO2 tax for Switzerland on fossil fuels: mechanisms and operation… Keywords: CO2, tax, fuel, diesel, gasoline, fuel, carbon, pollution, greenhouse effect The Swiss Federal Council has decided to introduce a tax on […]