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How to measure your device power consumption per device?

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How much does your PC cost in electricity per year? How much does your electric kettle or microwave consume? How much does it cost you to iron?
And above all, how much do you cost, per year, to put your television or your household appliances on standby?

All these questions can be solved thanks to an innovative device: PM 231 from Brennenstuhl!

Indeed; Thanks to the PM 231 (PM as PowerMeter) in the French grid version of Brennenstuhl you can, in all simplicity, accurately track your electrical consumption device by device. This will help you to optimize the use of your devices and reduce your consumption and your electricity bills!

Discover the PM231

Example of measures:

A test campaign is underway on the forum, electrical consumption measurement test campaign.

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A little advice: be careful to take the measurements over a long enough period so that the calculation over the year is meaningful. We recommend 3 to 4 weeks of measurement.

The Brennenstuhl PM231

It benefits from German manufacturing quality. To find out more, click on the image below.

wattmeter saves on plug

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