Ecobalance of a car: would the Dacia Logan dci be cleaner than the Toyota Prius hybrid?

Is Logan greener than the Prius? The question may seem absurd at first glance, but on closer inspection it is nothing crazy ... This is the question that a member of our team has just asked. forum.

Indeed; at the level of consumption and overall environmental balance (gray energy, transport, materials and recycling balance) a very large series car with low-cost diesel high pressure injection must do better than a complex gasoline hybrid car with a price of sale is more than double the logan. Because the selling price has a significant impact on the overall balance sheet of a car since it was necessary to earn this additional cost, that is to say to work more, therefore to consume more (of resources) and therefore to pollute more (we are obviously schematizing) .

Attention, a big downside nevertheless, this reasoning concerns the balance sheet of a single vehicle, the generalized low-cost car is obviously ecological nonsense. The only positive argument is that it would renew a fleet of aging vehicles more quickly. This is not the case, for example, with the Tata Nano recently presented to the public ...

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Read the (animated) discussion and the arguments of the 2 "clans" on the forums: Is Logan greener than the Prius?

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