Eubionet 3, European network for the development of energy biomass

The European “biomass-energy” network continues via EUBIONET III

After two first productive sections (2002-2008), the European “biomass-energy” network is continuing through the EUBIONET III project. Funded mainly by the European Union, within the framework of the EIA program (“Intelligent Energy - Europe”), the project began in September 2008, for a period of 3 years. Coordinated by VTT Processes, a multidisciplinary Finnish technical research center, the project brings together 19 partner organizations, national and European (AEBIOM - European Biomass Association, CEPI - Confederation of the Paper Industry in Europe, CRA-W - Walloon Center of Agronomic research for Belgium,

Aiming to increase the use of biomass as a source of energy production in Europe, the spirit of the EUBIONET III project can be summed up through the following main objectives:

  • Identify the different bottlenecks in the solid and liquid biofuels market and propose solutions
  • Analyze national programs dealing with biofuels
  • Analyze the availability of raw materials in the different member countries, mainly by-products resulting from industrial processing and biomass of agricultural origin
  • Studying the constituent factors of biofuel prices
  • Promote the European biofuels market to ensure the balance between supply and demand
  • Ensure availability of raw materials for different sectors (bioenergy, wood industry, agricultural sector) at the level of needs and at reasonable prices
  • Propose European certification projects, in partnership with the actors of the sector
  • Promote the use of biofuels through awareness raising
    adequate potential users.
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The objectives will be achieved by achieving 6 large tasks representing different facets of the sustainable nature of the bioenergy market. Two additional tasks will be to coordinate the project and disseminate the results to the relevant stakeholders.

The project is indeed interactive with all the bioenergy sectors. Target groups have therefore been identified (producers, traders, associations, etc.) at different scales in Europe. They will be solicited in the context of conferences, interviews or round tables, for consultation and advice. They will also be regularly informed of the results of the project. In the end, therefore, an entire interdisciplinary European network will emerge in the field of energy recovery from biomass.

General background of the project, the EIA program

The EIA program, “Intelligent Energy - Europe”, represents the most important initiative of the European Union in favor of the efficient use of energy and the use of renewable energies.

The second part of the program runs from 2007 to 2013. During this 7-year period, 730 million euros will be allocated for actions intended to increase the share of energy produced from renewable energy sources and to improve the efficiency of energy use.

The EIA program is divided into 4 fields of action:

  • energy efficiency and rational use of energy (“SAVE” actions)
  • renewable energies ("ALTENER")
  • energy and transport ("STEER")
  • cooperation with developing countries (“COOPENER”).

The EUBIONET III project falls within the field of "ALTENER" actions. These help to significantly increase the use of renewable energy sources and ensure the character
of their market.

According to: ValBioMag et EIA

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