Renault Super 5 water doping

This is my new victim. A poor little super 5, 1.4 L auto box that consumes 35 l for about 350 km.

Some pictures will follow to show you that I am only at the beginning and also they will allow me to ask you some questions.
For example:
- I intend to put a reactor rod 150 to 200 mm long diam. 12mm
- The reactor tube will be 250 to 300 mm in length diam. 14 mm (1/2 inch)
- There will be around 100 mm between the water injection venturi and the reactor rod so that the residual droplets evaporate before they come into contact with the rod.
- This preheating chamber will therefore be 100 mm, of which 50 mm will be integrated into the exhaust
- The venturi is 5mm in diameter. inside it is a dudgeon made on a copper tube, the water is spat out by a tip of a ballpoint pen à la "André"

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The following: Renault Super5 doped with water

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  1. Hello Christophe, I am very very very very interested in discussing this revisited R5 with you! I dream of doing this type of installation on an R5 and find little documentation…
    If however it would be possible for us to exchange a moment!
    Have a nice week end !

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