European Directive 2010-31-EU positive for all homes in 2020?

With Directive 2010 / 31 / EU, the European Union wants new buildings which are “almost positive” (passive?) for all new construction in 2020 and from 2018 for public buildings!


Article 9

Buildings whose energy consumption is almost zero

1. Member States shall ensure that:
Member States shall establish these minimum energy performance requirements in accordance with Article 4.

a) by the 31 december 2020, all new buildings are at almost zero energy consumption; and

(b) after 31 december 2018, new buildings occupied and owned by public authorities are at almost zero energy consumption.

Member States are developing national plans to increase the number of buildings with almost zero energy consumption. These plans may include differentiated objectives depending on the building category.

More: download the directive and debate on administrations and buildings with positive energy for all!

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