natural cosmetics and handmade soaps

Natural hygiene products and artisanal soaps

Numerous studies regularly show that hygiene and cosmetic products contain products which are not harmless when applied regularly to your skin. A campaign by Greenpeace Cosmetox clearly shows this. To see the Cosmétox guide of GreenPeace.

In addition, ever more “advanced” marketing induces packaging whose environmental impact is increasingly harmful. This poses problems of increasing waste to be treated, rare are the cosmetic packaging that is recyclable (and if they are, it is still necessary that a recycling channel exists near you!).

Starting from these 2 problems: toxicity of the contents and waste of the container, we offer on our econological shop cosmetic products whose recipe is more natural and whose packaging is very reduced, or even zero for handmade soap.

Aleppo Royal soap usable as shampoo

Aleppo soap Royal natural shampoo

Aleppo Royal Soap 26% Laurel Oil (click for detailed information)

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Soaps in cubes

cubic soaps 300g
300g cube soap with 72% olive oil (click for detailed information)

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