Compare Toyota Prius Hybrid VS Renault Laguna dCi

Comparison between the Toyota Prius Hybrid and the Renault Laguna made in the Turbo show on M6.

Conclusions of this report: according to a road, highway and city test, the Prius consumes as much as the Laguna 1.9 DCi (less performance and space…).

Note the "precision" of the not very "serious" measurements: "The two cars consumed more or less the same thing, between 6 and 7 L / 100"

We will also note another aberration in the comments: "At the same consumption, the prius is more ecological thanks to its hybrid engine"

In short, a "bizarre" comparison ...

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Download file (a newsletter subscription may be required): Comparative Toyota Prius Hybrid against Laguna dCi

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