Solution to the crisis? Boost growth and above all trust: Argentine example 2001

Argentina experienced bankruptcy in 2001 following a serious economic crisis between 1998 and 2002. The details of this crisis are explained on this wiki page. What interests us is the method used to manage the way out of the crisis, explained in the short video that follows, taken from a news report from France3. Currently […]

Work, Happiness, and Motivation: The Psychology of Money

Did you think that income was proportionately linked to employee motivation and happiness? That is to say: the better we are paid, the more motivated and happy we are? Well no! This little video, presenting various very interesting studies on "the psychology of money", shows the reverse ... Just like the feeling of "happiness" which ceases to [...]

Fukushima nuclear disaster, the other Chernobyl?

No one can ignore the desperate nuclear situation at the Fukushima 1 Daiichi power plant anymore… We are facing a desperate situation despite the attempts to minimize the industrial players or the government but also, and this is less understandable or acceptable, some players French politicians… On, we are not “viscerally” anti-nuclear: we […]

Great bluff, a consumer society

The Great Bluff of household appliances. Planned obsolescence and overconsumption practices highlighted in France. Special Envoy report broadcast on France 2 in February 2010 Obsolescence is the fact that a product becomes obsolete. Planned obsolescence is the act of voluntarily making a product obsolete at the end of a certain time "pre-programmed" in advance. This is […]

Planned obsolescence, symbol of the waste society

Planned obsolescence, symbol of the waste society: the case of electrical and electronic products September 2010. By Marine Fabre and Wiebke Winkler. Publication of Cniid and Friends of the Earth. Obsolescence is the fact that a product becomes obsolete. Planned obsolescence is the act of voluntarily making a product obsolete at the cost of a certain […]

The Great Bluff of Home Appliances: False Reliability and Seller Abuse

How distribution and industrialists seek maximum profitability at the expense of consumers. The Great Bluff of household appliances! Extracts from special envoy of February 2010. Find out more: - Are we in a disposable society? - Industrial obsolescence, the story of a deception: facts and debate - Full report on the Great Bluff of household appliances […]

Article on econology in References, economic magazine

Christophe and Christine, les Petits Poucets de l'Econologie Article written by Stève Polus following an interview with Christine and Christophe, (managers of this site and of the eco-friendly shop) carried out in October 2008. This article appeared in References of November 8 2008. References is an economical supplement to job offers which comprises a few pages […]

Banking and financial crisis: econology in the newspaper Le Monde by Gérard Mermet

The famous sociologist Gérard Mermet published 3 days ago in the newspaper Le Monde a very incisive article on our society and on France in particular. The term “econology” as an alternative to the current mode of development (purely based on consumption and “growth”) is mentioned there. That is, to our […]