Nissan Leaf electric car in winter and diminished battery capacity

How does an electric car behave in very cold weather? Here is an interesting little testimony from a Quebecer driving a Nissan Leaf in (very) very cold weather (since the current cold snap there is below -32 ° C!)

Nissan Leaf in winter

Gilles Chartray lives in Saint-Maurice, Mauricie, about 15 minutes drive from my home. Since the 1er May 2013, He owns a Nissan LEAF 2012 with 13 000 KM at Odometer

So, he experiences his first winter with his 100% electric car and of course, he gets to know the limits of his car, especially with the rigorous and exceptional winter that we are currently experiencing in the context of global warming.


The 1er January, going to my brother-in-law for the New Year's Day dinner, SURPRISE from my home to 17: 00, the Leaf is not reloaded more than 80% even after 2 full day connect to its terminal 220v. Well must say that is -25 ° C and that seems that the bibitte fret and she must probably preserve its battery or I do not know what!

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Embark in the car, SURPRISE AGAIN! the autonomy in D mode for drive displays a lean 77km and in eco mode it goes up to 96km.

We still decide to take the Leaf because the brother-in-law remains about 20km so 40km round trip is still not the sea to drink!

So we leave! WOWWW, we're going to put the heater on because it's really very cold and I and my spouse are dressed in the right clothes so do not really dress up to go to Siberia!
SURPRISE, The autonomy now displays a lean 72 km in eco mode and we have just left!
Well I tell my spouse, we will warm up a little inside the car and then we will turn it off to save the battery!
Well let me tell you that we turned off the heating quickly thank you!


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