Electric car and lobbying: analyzes of the failure of the GM EV1, Who Killed the Electric Car

Following the previous news on the electric car in 2011, here is a summary of the facts and analysis of the report Who Killed The Electric Car (click on the link to see it in full).

Main facts mentioned in the documentary, in bulk:

- GM EV1 project kicks off after GM's victory at the Australian Solar Race
- In the mid-90s, the CARB (Californian Air Resources Board) imposed a law of 3%, 5% then 10% of electric cars in sales (this will never exceed 3%) of manufacturers otherwise they will no longer be able to sell in California: Toyota (RAV4 EV), Ford (think group) develop, "by miracle", and very quickly an efficient and viable EV (but all offered by leasing)
- Takeover of the company which produces the batteries by GM then by Texaco
- Strong lobbying against the CARB law, especially so that it does not inspire other states
- Blatant lies on the part of the manufacturers on the supposedly low demand: many people do not even know the EV1, there is a real desire of non-communication about the EV1
- Little or no maintenance market on an electric car
- Manufacturers earn more (directly and indirectly) with a thermal car than an electric one, so they prefer to sell thermal ...
- To see the GM EV1 “compacted” in breakage, frankly it is moving…
- Strong desire on the part of all manufacturers to withdraw all leased EVs from the market (GM even refuses a firm takeover offer of $ 25 / used EV000). That which is not destroyed is neutralized. This is happening during the Bush administration.
- Tax deduction of $ 100 for SUVs (hummer) set up by the Bush administration (at the same time it is limited to $ 000 for an EV) !!!
- Carter was almost an econologist, Reagan transferred the solar panels he had put on the White House (vice president: bush pere…), it was Carter who also put in place the laws on the protection of water , To see the Gasland documentary.
- Bush “re” launches the Fuel Cell… to create a diversion from the more efficient EV…
- The fuel cell is compared to the hare in a greyhound race, greyhounds are us: it must come out all the time soon but never comes out ...

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Conclusion: who is or is not guilty of the failure of the EVs of the 90s?

Manufacturer: yes
Oil tankers: yes
Batteries / technology: no
CARB: yes
Consumer: yes (too demanding, little informed, no concession ...)
Government: yes

We end up on an optimistic opening

The very end of the documentary remains on a positive note by presenting the Tesla Roadster and hybrids plug in. An ally of weight in this new stage: Woolsey, former CIA boss under Clinton.

Raging all the same ...

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